27 FEB 2023

Artificial intelligence

Creativity and talking to animals

Artificial intelligence is set to transform the world altering how we work, access content and create. Many visions of AI show it as robotic, machinelike and impersonal but is this really the case? In this first AI revolution it鈥檚 creativity and artistic disciplines that are most touched. But can a computer really be creative and what does creativity mean? Trained on our data - our images, writings, stories - they have only ever had an echo of the true experience of feeling sad or the wind in their hair. We explore this topic, demonstrate how DALL路E works, get creeped out by Bing uncover what animals say, all using AI!

Creativity and DALL路E

Anton and I discuss creativity and how does us creating artwork inspired by another person vary from AI doing the same?

AI image generation has taken the world by storm. DALL路E, Midjourney and other AI services are opening up new forms of creativity. But they are trained on the data of millions of images created by real artists who have spent hours creating. Is AI ripping off their work?

A potato monster!

During the episode we created several artworks including this potato monster.

potato monster with white hair holding a spatula in the style of renoir

DALL路E prompt

We also tried creating artwork for this podcast and the results were not good as seen below. This may however be a reflection of the generally terrible cover art podcasts have!

Getting creepy鈥

AI is being used for more than just creating pretty pictures. ChatGPT is a powerful tool for 鈥榯alking鈥 with the AI. It can be used for everything from generating stories - check out exclusive Patreon episode for that - to answering questions on any topic.

It recently hit the headlines as the voice behind Microsoft Bing鈥檚 chat feature. Still in early access 鈥榟ackers鈥 soon had fun seeing what they could make it do and the results are interesting鈥

Talking to animals with AI

We finish with some fun - talking to animals using AI. Well, not exactly. I take Adobe Podcast鈥檚 voice enhancing AI for a spin to see what is makes of non-human sounds. Design to clean up audio and restore voices in poor recordings it鈥檚 pretty easy to confuse with animal sounds, chainsaws and musical instruments. But do any of them speak?

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