18 FEB 2024

Magic & Playing Card History 

An interview with Magician Lee Asher

It’s episode 50 and we have a very special guest - the magician and playing card historian Lee Asher! Anton has been learning magic for the last 18 months and also become an avid playing card collector so Lee was the perfect guy to interview.

Lee, magic and playing cards

Lee has worked with some of the big names in magic and even invented his own card tricks - his knowledge and advice is invaluable.

What we really enjoyed about talking with Lee was the passion and humanity he brings - he sees magic a positive force, something to share and a path to being a better person.

Lee is also president of 52 Plus Joker, the world’s largest playing card collectors club - this guy knows his stuff!

He gave us a brilliant rundown of playing card history, from their origins to the innovations in card design and how they changed magic and the types of tricks that are able to be performed. Not only that, but he shared his advice and wisdom with Anton about how to be, not only a better magician, but also how to apply those skills to life.

We really enjoyed our chat and hope you will too and a massive thank you to Lee, be sure to check out his website and 52 Plus Joker!

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